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AT&T Dedicated Internet




AT&T Dedicated Internet Terms: AT&T Dedicated Internet offer price includes AT&T-provided managed router (router is leased to customer during contract term), Ethernet local access and Internet port. AT&T Dedicated Internet installation is performed remotely, i.e., AT&T will assist customers with service activation over the phone. Onsite installation, in which a technician will connect AT&T-provided premises equipment and complete service activation, is included for select locations in the AT&T footprint and is available at other locations at an additional cost.

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Boost your company's performance and efficiency with Dedicated Internet


Connect the AT&T backbone for fault-tolerant 100 Gbps connections that provide superior reliability that connects employees, partners, and customers.


AT&T offers managed security to protect your business operation against DDoS attacks, spamming, and sophisticated intrusion techniques. Get managed firewall and e-mail scanning to protect your sensitive data

Dedicated service

You get a dedicated connection for your use, providing up to 1 Tbps of performance no matter how many customers are on the AT&T network.


It doesn't matter if you need dedicated Internet for VoIP phone service, high-performance VPNs, or HD video conferencing—AT&T Dedicated Internet supports your mission-critical applications.


Use dedicated symmetrical access (with the same upload and download speeds) ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps for small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses.

Commitment to quality

AT&T Dedicated Internet includes these industry-leading service level agreements:

  • 99.95% service availability.
  • 99.95% data delivery.
  • Less than 37ms roundtrip latency (U.S. domestic only).
  • 1 ms or less of jitter.

Dedicated Internet, Dedicated to Security

With AT&T Premises-Based Firewall Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dedicated Internet?

AT&T Dedicated Internet is your solution for high-performance and secure Internet connections. With Dedicated Internet, you can access the AT&T IP backbone with no impact on your speed or performance, no matter who else is on the network. That means that you get high-speed, symmetrical connections with reliable connectivity and managed security.

Is Dedicated Internet the Same as MPLS?

No. Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a virtual private network technology that AT&T uses to connect you to the IP backbone of the AT&T network. Dedicated Internet simply means that you get dedicated access to this high-performance resource without having to share your connection with others.

What is Managed Internet Security?

AT&T offers additional security for Dedicated Internet customers which includes protection against DDoS attacks and e-mail spam as well a managed firewall service and other features. These basic tools help maintain the security of your data, and with AT&T management you don't have to worry about fielding a dedicated security team.

Where is AT&T Dedicated Internet Available?

AT&T Dedicated Internet is broadly available throughout the mainland 48 states.

What Speeds are Available with AT&T Dedicated Internet?

Dedicated Internet scales up to 1 Tbps.

Does My Business Need Dedicated Internet?

Dedicated Internet is perfect for businesses that need plenty of speed and throughput for media transfer and priority applications like video conferencing, VPN, VoIP services, and dedicated cloud services.

If your business:

  • Hosts a dedicated website,
  • Supports multiple locations across a large geographical area,
  • Manages one or several data centers,
  • Regularly handles large data streams,
  • Works with sensitive customer information, or
  • Utilizes high-volume apps supporting remote workforces (VPN, VoIP, video conferencing)

Then Dedicated Internet can probably support your operation.