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Connect with Clients and Customers by choosing AT&T phone for business




AT&T Phone for Business — 30+ features your team will love

AT&T Phone for Business is a modern business phone solution that enhances your organization's productivity with 30+ advanced and traditional features, including address book, call blocking, call screening, voicemail-to-text, and many more.

Additionally, other business phone solutions such as AT&T Phone for Business — Advanced and AT&T Office@Hand are available, ensuring your team gets exactly what it needs out of a phone service in today's business landscape.

Get started with an AT&T Business phone solution today, and consider making it a true AT&T Business Bundle when you choose an AT&T Business Fiber and AT&T Business phone bundle.

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Digital Phone

Integrate your phone service with your business internet and software for the more efficient working experience.

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Traditional Phone

Leverage the best-in-class AT&T nationwide phone network for reliable phone service over legacy/analog phone lines.

AT&T Phone for Business

Move your phone service into the digital age with AT&T Phone for Business

AT&T Phone for Business provides crystal-clear digital reception with all the professional perks and support of a digital voice service. Rock-solid VoIP comes with potential software integration and scalable options for your up-and-coming business. Enjoy 30+ traditional and advanced calling features for your business.

  • Bundle with AT&T Internet for Business for more value?
  • Enjoy no contracts required
  • Get free installation with no new equipment required

With digital voice, you can manage all aspects of your office phone within a digital framework. Want to make sure that no one misses a call during off-hours? Have software record voicemails and email them to the right staff member. Want to tie phone numbers to video conferencing software, or record select calls at select times? Integrate your conferencing and VoIP software for seamless communications.

With AT&T Business Phone, you can do all this and more, all while getting crystal-clear digital audio and advanced calling features, alongside other perks like routing and answer calls to connected AT&T Business Mobility numbers. If you want a truly scalable and integrated phone solution, pick up AT&T Business Phone.

Choose an AT&T Business Bundle, including fiber internet, phone and more

Fiber Internet + Phone Bundle

Get up to $500 in rewards

redemption required
  • Up to 5000 Mbps symmetrical internet speeds.
  • Unlimited nationwide calling.
  • Integrated digital services like VoIP calling and call monitoring.
  • Crystal-clear digital audio.
DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS + Fiber Internet + Phone

Get up to $500 in rewards

redemption required
  • Up to 5000 Mbps symmetrical internet speeds.
  • Unlimited nationwide calling.
  • Integrated digital services like VoIP calling and call monitoring.
  • HDTV entertainment for public or private viewing.

AT&T Phone for Business — Advanced

Choose AT&T Phone for Business — Advanced for cloud-based, enterprise-grade connectivity

Looking to upgrade your existing phone system to the cloud? With AT&T Phone for Business — Advanced, your phone and specialty lines can be brought to the cloud using your existing equipment.

This solution offers enterprise-grade solutions, supplying your business with the reliability and scalability it requires to be productive.

  • Handle fax, alarm, and point-of-sale terminal data lines
  • Experience greater reliability and combined cloud-based voice and data services
  • Replace legacy/POTS lines by using your existing analog equipment

Unify your services: Get phone, messaging, and meetings, all in one with AT&T Office@Hand

AT&T Office@Hand combines calling, messaging, video conferencing and more into one convenient business communications platform, all hosted in the cloud.

This service offers your business a new way of staying connected to both employees and to customers. With AT&T Office@Hand, your team can work from anywhere, anytime, on any device, as long as it is compatible with the service. 

To learn more about Office@Hand, or to learn about other AT&T Business solutions, call the phone number on this page today.