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AT&T in Michigan Presents Traditional and Fiber Internet, Business Phone and DIRECTV

Michigan has a name that originates from an Ojibwe tribal word for "large water." It is the only state with two peninsulas. The upper-peninsula is home to many tourist destinations. The lower-peninsula houses many growing tech-based companies. Businesses in both peninsulas will find advantage with services from AT&T Business.

AT&T Internet for Business in Michigan

Starting at $
  • Business Internet up to 1 Gbps to provide for high-volume internet data needs.
  • Install Virtual Private Networks, VoIP technologies, and much more with reliable small business internet.
  • Combine with AT&T Business Solutions for website design, promotion, and security support. 

AT&T Business Phone in Michigan

Starting at $
  • Digital integration begins with AT&T Digital Voice.
  • You are connected to customers and employees with advanced routing features.
  • Add Entertainment to Your Business with DIRECTV

DIRECTV for Business in Michigan

Starting at $
  • Get HDTV packages for public viewing or private business TV options.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket and Showtime can be added to your service.
  • Pick up great channels like Showtime and NFL Sunday Ticket in high definition.

AT&T Fiber for Business in Michigan

Starting at $
  • Bandwidths ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps can support remote employees and cloud storage solutions.
  • Support for AT&T services is a huge advantage.
  • Unlimited Local and Long-Distance Choices

AT&T Business Wireless in Michigan

Starting at $
per line when you get 6 lines
  • AT&T Mobility offers local businesses wireless plans with unlimited text, talk, and data.
  • Take advantage of great mobile solutions that provide video meetings and HD video streaming for your staff.
  • Stay in contact with customers and employees by routing calls from your AT&T Phone system to your mobile device.

AT&T Bundles in Michigan

Starting at $
  • Need your calling, internet, and VoIP integrated? Bundle Internet with Digital Voice.
  • If your customers demand advanced connectivity and the best entertainment, bundle AT&T internet with DIRECTV.
  • Simply bundle all three services together for an easy, hassle-free solution.

Small- and mid-sized business customers in both Michigan peninsulas know the value of digital technology. AT&T Business offers the solutions they need with Internet, Phone, and DIRECTTV. These services are a good fit for offices, data centers, call centers, and waiting rooms. Even businesses in the hospitality industry will find the solutions they are looking for.

  • AT&T offers reliable solutions to our internet needs.
  • Fiber Internet has bandwidth options.
  • Business Phone and VoIP make for smooth integration.

Michigan Businesses Will Love AT&T Internet

AT&T provides a wide range of flexible internet bandwidth, up to 100 Mbps, with plans for any business's needs. Internet is essential in today's markets. Having a reliable, fast internet and data solution is good business sense.

AT&T Internet plans are scaled to your business needs, so that internet is always on your terms. Michigan business will love that speed and reliability. With bandwidths ranging from 25 Mbps up to 100 Mbps your office, data centers, or call centers will be ready.

If you need more bandwidth and data for your Michigan business, Fiber Internet may be the service you need. With bandwidths up to 1 Gbps, and with symmetrical upload-download capabilities, Fiber Internet is perfect for companies that rely on a constant, super-fast internet connection.

AT&T Business Internet 25 Mbps AT&T Business Internet 50 Mbps
Internet Plan Speed 25 Mbps 50 Mbps
Monthly Price $130/mo $130/mo
Plan Terms For 12 mos. plus FCC charges and taxes. Atdl services extra For 12 mos. plus FCC charges and taxes. Atdl services extra

Michigan Businesses Get Enterprise Speed and Reliability With AT&T Business Fiber

Fiber Internet offers increased bandwidth options.

Fiber internet is the most dependable high-speed internet you'll find, thanks to a 99.9% uptime and less interference than regular copper cables. This gives your business an edge with fast, reliable, and secure internet it can use to stay productive.

When it's time to expand your operation, AT&T Fiber Internet is your best bet. It is tailor made for your expansion's needs, providing more data, more bandwidth, and more option. Symmetrical uploads and downloads, improved uptimes, and less signal interference make Fiber Internet everything you need.

AT&T Business Fiber Internet 300 AT&T Business Fiber Internet 500 AT&T Business Fiber Internet 1000
Internet Plan 300 Mbps 500 Mbps 1000 Mbps
Monthly Price $75/mo $115/mo $160/mo
Data Allowances Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Upload Speeds Up to 300 Mbps Up to 500 Mbps Up to 940 Mbps
Download Speeds Up to 300 Mbps Up to 500 Mbps Up to 940 Mbps
Installation Costs Up to $99 Up to $99 Up to $99

With AT&T Internet, customers should also consider integrating AT&T Phone and data solutions. With AT&T Phone, businesses can get unlimited local or local and nationwide calling. You can also have the functionality of digital services like VoIP.

Digital Voice is AT&T's digital phone service. Business owners can use digital tools to track and record calls, route them, and more. This service does require AT&T Internet. AT&T traditional landline phone service connects to the robust and nationwide network that AT&T has built of the past 100+ years. It is reliable, with an easy price, and works without an Internet connection, even if the power goes out.

AT&T's ultra dependable phone network gives you business the biggest tool it needs to stay lean and efficient with unlimited local calling in your area on a reliable network with 99.9% uptime.

Traditional landline service from AT&T Business Phone is reliable.

Looking for amazing digital call quality, advanced calling features like routing, ID, recording, and more? Sign up for Voice. It requires an internet connection, making a Voice and AT&T Business Internet or Fiber the perfect bundle to extend your office phone service's functionality.

With access to AT&T's legendary network, your call center and offices are supported and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg. It's a win-win. Bundle it with Internet and use VoIP and advanced business calling features, as well.

AT&T Mobility: Combining the Latest Smartphones With Business Apps

Small and large businesses all over Michigan recognize the need to go mobile if they want to stay afloat. AT&T lets them easily manage their business mobile plans and also integrate them into your entire operation. Browse all of AT&T Mobility's options to see all the options a world class mobile service provider has available.

If you're looking for unlimited talk, text, and mobile data all over the country right out of Michigan, you need to investigate AT&T's most popular plan, Unlimited Enhanced Mobility. This plan also gives you up to 4G LTE speeds, 20GB of mobile hotspot access, and high-definition video streaming. If you choose to integrate your mobile phone into your office's Voice plan, you can route incoming calls directly to the proper employee no matter where they are.

Customers will love the atmosphere you create when you outfit your bar or restaurant with DIRECTV. Big-screen HDTVs increase customer engagement by giving access to great channels like ESPN and the NFL Sunday Ticket. DIRECTV Public Viewing packages offer flexible tiered pricing dependent on the occupancy of your establishment.

Your small business can put on the news and weather in a waiting room and keep customers engaged. Employee break rooms can also benefit from a Private viewing packages.

Get great monthly rates when you sign a 12-24 month agreement.

AT&T knows what businesses needs, which is why it tailors DIRECTV packages based on the type of business and the customers it serves. For this reason, DIRECTV packages fall under 3 categories: Private, Public, and Business Viewing.

Let's say your business provides TV service to the public, like a bar that shows a sports game. This is considered Public Viewing. Public Viewing packages are rated by Estimated Viewing Occupancy (EVO), which means that if your business holds more people you'll receive a larger package.

If you business needs require TV service for your employees and stuff, such as a TV in the break room or conference room, then you quality for a Private Viewing package. Because the general public won't be watching your TV service, your programming remains private.

Business Viewing differs slightly from the last two options because these TV packages are for customers of businesses that require membership or payment.

Businesses all Over Michigan Are Supported by AT&T Business Solutions

AT&T gives Michigan businesses the tools and expertise they need with complete business solutions, because it knows just having the latest technology isn't enough. Use these services to tweak and optimize your digital footprint.

AT&T business services run the gamut from remote IT support, website development, and marketing, and security and backup. Allow AT&T the opportunity to manage your network security and digital marketing and focus on your business strategy. You won't regret it.

Signing up for business services is just the beginning. Once a part of the AT&T family, you have access to storage backups, landline SMS texting, and integrated business software tailor-made to improve your employee's mobile phones and internet connection.

Amazing Deals

You are mistaken if you think AT&T doesn't cover all your business' needs. AT&T Business bundles supercharge your business with complementary internet and phone service in Michigan. If you need a complete communication network for your employees, you can integrate VoIP and videoconferencing on the same network as your call center and easily track everyone. Your employees will stay productive with VPM and remote phone access all with AT&T business solutions.

Business focused on making sure their customers stay entertained with the best TV or ones that just want to provide their employees with something to watch on their break need not worry. Simply bundle DIRECTV and internet and keep everyone happy with hundreds of high-definition channels and industry-leading internet.

AT&T knows that you want control. That's why each bundle has a ton of flexibility. Include traditional internet or Fiber to any bundle to gain symmetrical uploads and downloads. Or include a DIRECTV package suitable for your industry and traditional AT&T phone lines or Digital Voice VoIP support.

AT&T Goes Peninsula Crazy With Michigan Businesses

It isn't crazy to offer the best AT&T business services to the companies in Michigan's peninsulas. Phone, Internet, and TV solutions for businesses give you the tools to stand out from the other new and expanding Michigan businesses. When you bundle DIRECTV, Phone, and Internet for Business into a single package, you are outfitting your business with the best available services.

Business internet affords you the reliability of secure and fast internet along with integration of AT&T services like Digital Mobility, Voice, and DIRECTV. Feel free to use AT&T Business services for marketing, IT support, and more as well. With all of these services, it's no wonder AT&T is the best mobile provider.

AT&T's numerous business offerings let you outfit your business with the best software, calling options, and connected services around. Make sure your business succeeds with security programs, VoIP, conferencing, advanced routing, and mobile integrations.

AT&T is your best bet when it comes to your mobility and mobile data needs. Flexible data plans, access to amazing smartphones and devices, unlimited talk and text, international calling, storage of data, and business solutions for integrating your office phones are only a small part of the list of things AT&T can help you with. Call now.