Simplify Office Networking With Optimal Internet Performance From AT&T SD-WAN

With integrated apps for data sharing and video communication driving the global economy, businesses that want to stay competitive need a network solution that makes cross-country communication fast, responsive, and reliable. That solution is SD-WAN service with AT&T.

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What is SD-WAN service from AT&T?

Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) are private networks that can connect offices, data centers, and headquarter locations with reliable cloud and security support. An SD-WAN makes secure access to sensitive data that will never touch the Internet, all with bandwidth up to 100 Gbps.

Secure, Remote Connections with VPN and MPLS

SD-WANs provide a robust and secure private network for remote access through VPN software. AT&T SD-WAN solutions us IPSec and MPLS to provide secure and authenticated data access across your company's intranet.

Integrated App Support

AT&T SD-WAN solutions offer dynamic application-aware routing to allow prioritization of SaaS, IaaS, video conferencing, or other software traffic.

Secure End-to-End Encryption

Did we mention secure? Traffic routed through AT&T SD-WAN networks with Over the Top (OTT) solutions using an IPSec tunnel to maintain the security of all internal traffic.

Centralized Network Management

Use a central control interface or managed SD-WAN services to coordinate remote edge devices or premises equipment for maintenance, security, or data collection and business intelligence purposes.

Delivering Edge-to-Edge Capabilities

Download AT&T's product briefing on how SD-WAN and OTT give you a relatively low-cost solution for secure, high-performance private networks for your enterprise.

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Why Use AT&T SD-WAN Solutions?

Enterprise companies use multi-site software on a regular basis, connecting people from all over the country or all over the world. They need reliable VPN access, secure internal network support, and fast private routing for internal business apps. With AT&T SD-WAN, they get all of these plus expert managed services so that they don't have to have a dedicated department to run their private network.

What Services Does SD-WAN Support?

Any enterprise that uses intranet connections for communication and data transfer is supported OTT by SD-WAN. This includes applications like:

  • Video Conferencing Software
  • Web Browsing (HTTPS) Data
  • VPN Traffic
  • Voice over IP Traffic
  • Shared Cloud Storage (Like SharePoint)
  • Email

And others.


SD-WAN Solutions that Fit Most Enterprise Configurations

Whether you need lightning-fast edge access, cloud storage and security, or ultra-secure VPN tunnels, AT&T SD-WAN can provide the technology and the backbone.

Edge Networking with AT&T FlexWare®

AT&T Flexware devices host virtual network functions to simplify integrating remote locations into a single WAN, no matter how close to the edge of your operation they are.

AT&T Managed Implementation

Don't try to implement your SD-WAN by yourself—trust AT&T experts to help you configure your network, maximize performance, and manage security protocols and traffic routing parameters.

IPSec Security

Trust your remote staff to work with the highest level of security using IPSec VPN technology and end-to-end encryption.

MPLS Hybrid Solutions

Get away from third-party VPN software and use a hybrid MPLS solution to host your own high-performance virtual private network dedicated to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four SD-WAN Types?

The four types of SD-WAN solutions are:

  • Network-Based: These solutions use MPLS to combine multiple locations (or even multiple WANs) into a single, seamless SD-WAN network. These solutions typically run over private connections or cloud services.
  • Over the Top: Like network solutions, Over the Top (OTT) solutions connect multiple locations in a single WAN. OTT solutions use encryption and routing over public Internet and mobile connections to build the WAN.
  • Static Network: Similar to Network services, but with static connections over the AT&T backbone for faster and more secure connectivity.
  • Static Over the Top: A hybrid of Static Network and OTT connections that provides the flexibility of OTT with the security of static SD-WAN connections, utilizing both existing public network access and dedicated hardware.

What is AT&T Managed Service?

AT&T provides businesses with consulting and technical setup for SD-WAN solutions, from hardware installation to security and protocol management.

What is SD-WAN vs MPLS?

SD-WAN is a combination of hardware and software that defines a private network for your business, and typically works on top of existing network software and hardware. Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is an underlay of networking tech that defines how to route traffic in a WAN environment.

Neither are exclusive to one another, and you may find that one or both is a good fit for your company. Call us today to find out which one might fit your needs best.

What is SD-WAN Security?

SD-WAN networks rely on secure traffic routing to protect data and to keep communication private. There are several types and layers of network security in place to keep SD-WAN's private, like SSL and IPSec tunneling.

The goal of SD-WAN security is to provide end-to-end security from one point to another

What is IPSec?

IPSec is a security protocol that provides end-to-end security by encrypting and decrypting internet traffic from one point to another. This suite includes authentication standards to further demonstrate that data transfers are from whom they say they are, and that they have not been tampered with in transit. This ensures the security and the integrity of an SD-WAN.