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AT&T Business Internet, Business Phone, and DIRECTV in California

California, the "Golden State," is a booming place for new startups and small businesses that succeed on their communication technology. Whether it is a tech company in Silicon Valley or a new restaurant in Los Angeles, they need state-of-the-art digital services.

AT&T Internet for Business in California

Starting at $
  • Take your business to new heights with reliable, fast internet.
  • Work securely with AT&T traditional business internet.
  • Do more with an AT&T business bundle, combining DIRECTV and phone with internet.

AT&T Business Phone in California

Starting at $
  • Get AT&T's reliable landline Business Phone.
  • AT&T Digital Voice (requires existing internet) allows for digital phone integration.
  • Stay connected with rock-solid calling and extensive features.

DIRECTV for Business in California

Starting at $
  • Support and clientele, in a waiting room or a dining room with 200 people.
  • Check out the sports, news, and movies that DIRECTV can bring into your business, all in HD.
  • Access channels like NFL Sunday Ticket and Showtime in high definition.

AT&T Fiber for Business in California

Starting at $
  • Get symmetrical uploads and downloads with AT&T Fiber.
  • Bandwidth ranging from 300 Mbps to 5 Gbps can support remote employees, cloud storage, and your office.
  • Increase productivity with dependable uptimes and fantastic AT&T support.

AT&T Business Wireless in California

Starting at $
per line when you get 6 lines
  • Bandwidth ranges from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps for all types of businesses.
  • Support staff with fast bandwidth and dedicated IP addresses.
  • Integrate Digital Voice or Mobility for even more flexibility.

AT&T Bundles in California

Starting at $
  • Bundle AT&T Digital Voice with Internet for amazing digital voice quality and total connectivity.
  • The DIRECTV and Internet bundle is ideal for keeping your employees and customers connected.
  • Combine all three for comprehensive service and significant savings vs individual prices.

These expanding businesses need dependable digital communication technology. SMB customers in California should consider AT&T for support offices, data centers, and waiting rooms with great Internet, Phone, and TV solutions.

  • Dependable Internet for California Businesses.
  • Choose Between Flexible Bandwidth Rates and Fiber Internet Options.
  • Integrate VOIP and Business Phone Services to Keep Your Office Connected.

AT&T Business Internet in California

Businesses need reliable internet and dependable data solutions in order to thrive. AT&T provides a large range of flexible internet bandwidths—reaching up to 500 Mbps--with options to fit anyone's needs.

AT&T offers Los Angeles' businesses great coverage. Traditional internet speeds range from 25 Mbps-500 Mbps, so your office, data center, or call center is covered. This extensive range shows AT&T's dedication to supporting businesses with scalability. As your business grows, so can your internet.

If your California business requires more data and bandwidth, an upgrade to AT&T Fiber Internet can provide amazing bandwidth speeds--up to 1 Gbps—for symmetrical uploads and downloads. Fiber Internet is a great solution for California companies that need a steady high-speed connection, like those hosting multiple offices or data centers.

AT&T Business Internet 25 Mbps AT&T Business Internet 50 Mbps
Internet Plan Speed 25 Mbps 50 Mbps
Monthly Price $130/mo $130/mo
Plan Terms For 12 mos. plus FCC charges and taxes. Atdl services extra For 12 mos. plus FCC charges and taxes. Atdl services extra

California Businesses Can Thrive with AT&T Business Fiber

But if businesses in California need even more, then they should check out AT&T Fiber Internet. Fiber Internet provides symmetrical uploads and downloads for up to 5 Gbps. Fiber Internet is AT&T's way to support small businesses in California with 24/7 solution support for media streaming and file sharing.

Our fiber Internet runs on one of the most reliable networks in the industry. Plus, fiber wire is superior to copper lines and provides faster, more secure data transfer. Fiber can give your business an advantage in a highly competitive marketplace. Get the best fiber for your business with AT&T

If you're a growing business, AT&T Fiber Internet is the catalyst you need to boost your expansion and engage more customers. With high-performance fiber internet, you'll have all the advanced features and capabilities you need to expand staff, engage customers, and more. Symmetrically-improved upload and download bandwidth gives you increased data speeds both downstream and upstream. It's the premier option for high-demand businesses.

AT&T Business Fiber Internet 300 AT&T Business Fiber Internet 500 AT&T Business Fiber Internet 1000 AT&T Business Fiber Internet 2000 AT&T Business Fiber Internet 5000
Monthly Price $70/mo $100/mo $170/mo $185/mo $285/mo
Data Allowances Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Upload Speeds Up to 300 Mbps Up to 500 Mbps Up to 1 Gbps Up to 2 Gbps Up to 5 Gbps
Download Speeds Up to 300 Mbps Up to 500 Mbps Up to 1 Gbps Up to 2 Gbps Up to 5 Gbps
Installation Costs FREE* FREE* FREE* FREE* FREE*

*Free professional installation when ordered by calling attbusinessbundle.com

AT&T Business Phone and Digital Voice

But you don't have to stop at Internet. You can further integrate your phone and data solutions. AT&T Phone provides unlimited local and nationwide calling options for businesses. Plus, by combining AT&T Internet with Phone, you gain access to other features like VOIP.

Your business's phone systems are its nervous system. They keep your staff connected and they give your customers a reliable means of contact. AT&T Phone gives you unlimited local calling, so everyone involved with your business can stay connected. And, with 99.9% uptimes, you know your customers will be able to reach you whenever they need you.

AT&T traditional landline phone service lets you select between an unlimited local calling package or local and long-distance plans. And, with AT&T Digital Voice, you can fuse your existing network with a comprehensive phone plan that will link call monitoring and allow for videoconferencing. This and more available under a single phone branch.

With AT&T Voice, you can support your business phone system with the industry-leading AT&T network. Get consistency in your call center and office connections at a price that fits your budget. For maximum efficiency, combine AT&T Voice with AT&T Internet to use advanced features like VoIP, business calling, and more.

But you don't have to stop at Internet. You can further integrate your phone and data solutions. AT&T Phone provides unlimited local and nationwide calling options for businesses. Plus, by combining AT&T Internet with Phone, you gain access to features like VOIP.

Powerful Smartphones meet Intuitive Business Applications: AT&T Mobile

The whole world has gone mobile, and business aren't any different. More business is being done on the fly, and the modern marketplace is fast-paced and competitive. Using AT&T for your business means you can manage all aspects of your mobile system. By integrating your operations, you can get it all on and industry-leading network from AT&T Mobility that's built for business.

Our most popular package is our Unlimited Enhanced Mobility plan. With it, get the unlimited talk, text, and data that your California business needs. This plan includes a range of features designed with business in mind. Benefits include 20 GB mobile hotspot, high-definition streaming, and up to 4G LTE speeds. Use it with your Voice system for an inter-connected phone network that can direct calls to the right person, anywhere they may be.


If your business needs to add entertainment options, you should consider DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS. Restaurant owners regularly outfit dining areas with big screens to display HD college sports or out-of-market football games like ESPN channels and NFL Sunday Ticket. DIRECTV Public Viewing packages also offer tiered pricing, dependent on the occupancy of the establishment.

But DIRECTV service isn't just for restaurants. You can add news or weather content to your doctor's office waiting room. Or add HD content to your company's break room. A simple way to make people happy, it can make customer wait time and employee breaks more enjoyable.

AT&T understands that the use of television in businesses differs in a variety of ways. In order to find the right services for our business-class DIRECTV customers, and provide the appropriate level of support, DIRECTV has separated their business services into three viewing groups: public, private, and business.

Any TV displayed in a common area is considered public viewing. For example, the local sports bar, with 21 big screen TVs to watch every sporting event imaginable, are considered public viewing. Rates for DIRECTV Public Viewing Packages are determined by the Estimated Viewing Occupancy (EVO) of your building. The larger the customer capacity of your business, the larger your package.

Private Viewing is used by TVs that are viewed only within your organization. TV screens that are in areas where they won't be seen by anyone outside of the organization, such as in a break room or a small office, meet the criteria for this kind of viewing. Since the only people who will be watching these TVs are employees, the programming is considered private.

A Business Viewing classification is more specific. Essentially, TVs being watched by customers who have paid for entry, or own a membership of that business, are eligible as business viewing.

Give Your California Business the Tools It Needs to Succeed with AT&T Business Solutions

AT&T provides custom solutions for each business we work with, creating the best data and communication service plans to meet their needs. Our comprehensive service and support teams give your business access to expertise that optimize operations. We're helping businesses of California improve every day. Contact us and learn what we can do for your organization.

AT&T has an extensive selection of advanced services for business. We can help you with web development, digital marketing, tech support, backup services, and more. We can handle your network security, manage your digital marketing campaigns, and more. Let us worry about the small stuff so you can get back to running your business.

With AT&T business services, get your company the advanced data applications you need on a fast, reliable network that you can count on. You'll have access to cloud storage backups, landline SMS messaging, and business management software that links across all of your computers and mobile devices.


AT&T is capable of handling all of your business's diverse challenges. AT&T Business bundles give California businesses complementary phone and internet services to help optimize communication. We can combine your VoIP and video conference system in your call canter, so you can monitor employee performance and allocate your personnel more effectively. We'll even help you create VPNs to support employees both in-house and remote. AT&T business service has all the latest technology to help your business succeed.

Do you run a business that seeks to provide its customers with casual entertainment? Or maybe you prefer TV in the office, so your employees can stay up to date on the latest market developments? Whatever the reason, if you're looking for TV service for your business, look no further than AT&T internet & DirecTV bundle. Get all of your favorite high-definition channels for news, sports, and more. Plus, you'll have our lightning-fast business internet to go with it. It's perfect for bars, restaurants, waiting rooms, and more.

AT&T bundles are fully customizable, so you can get the right one to fit your business's unique requirements. You can choose between traditional business internet or fiber internet. Choose the DIRECTV package that fits your needs, without unwanted extras. You can even include landline phones or Digital Voice VoIP. Build your bundle and only get the services your business needs.

Why Wait?

AT&T has California covered with Phone, Internet, and TV solutions for businesses. These services are great on their own but get even better by bundling. Combine DIRECTV, Phone, or Internet into a single package and save money.

Business Internet gives your business reliable, high-speed internet to power all its operations. It seamlessly integrates with our entire suite of AT&T services. These include Digital Mobility, Voice, and DIRECTV. Plus, our business customers get access to helpful extras like IT support, remote security, digital marketing, and more. AT&T can meet the needs of even the most high-demand business.

Outfit your office with the best phone service available. AT&T business phone service has advanced call features to meet the demands of the modern business. You'll have access to VoIP services, conference calling, and advanced call routing. It's the ideal telephone system for businesses looking to boost their productivity and optimize communications.

AT&T is the premier provider of mobile data and voice services for California businesses. Our flexible plans can accommodate any services for any budget. And we have some of the most advanced smartphones and tables available, so you can equip your staff with the tools they need to get the job done. Our plans include unlimited talk and text, flexible data, and features like international calling, data storage, and much more. Choose comprehensive support across all of your communications and bundle your services with AT&T today.